Stock Picker: Buy These Techs on the Pullback

Earnings season can be a scary time for investors, but Dave Rovelli of Canaccord Adams thinks it's a time for action as well.

"Do your research, keep the ones you want to hold long-term, and you take profits in the ones that are up just because everything is up," he told CNBC.

That said, Rovelli has some stocks that will look good as the market cashes in on recent advances.


"I'm a big tech guy; I'd buy a stock like (Research In Motion) or a stock like Apple on a pullback," he said. "They've had huge moves; they're probably going to go higher."

Wait. There's more.

"Seagate came out this morning and blew out their guidance," he said. "I'd buy that on a pullback; I just wouldn't chase stocks in this environment."

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