Stock Picks from BlackRock's Bob Doll (Pt. 1)

BlackRock's Bob Doll says the investor needs to realize where we are in both the economic cycle and the market cycle, and he has some suggestions about where to re-adjust a portfolio.

"This is a time to be dollar-cost-averaging out of safe assets — Treasurys — into more risk assets — equities and corporate bonds," he told CNBC.

Often, when things look the worst in the rear-view mirror, that's the best time to get into the game.

"We still think a diversified portfolio makes sense," he said. "Our favorite cyclical sector (is) energy; favorite growth sector, technology, and favorite defensive sector, health care."

He's naming names, too.


"In the service area within health care, UnitedHealth (Group), Wellpoint, Aetna.

(See Part Two for Doll's pharma and tech picks.)


Disclosure information for Bob Doll was not immediately available.