The 'Cyber Espionage' Trade

If you think the days of war games are over, think again. There are spies everywhere.

But don’t look for a sinister figure in a dark trench coat; these days spies are just as likely to be wearing a bathrobe and slippers.

That’s because today’s spies are cyber-spies. And they’re not interested in the Pentagon. Nope, they’re aiming at targets somewhat closer to home. In fact, they’re aiming at your home.

Just imagine - waking up one morning to find you have no power, no phone, no internet -- and no cord has been cut.

You’ve been rendered powerless and it’s all been done by computer!

Sound far-fetched? It’s not. In fact Washington is on high alert for cyber-attacks especially on electrical grids, banking networks, and nuclear power plant controls.

They have to be. These kinds of assaults could bring our already fragile economy to its knees. In fact, 17 billion is already funding this world wide web war and billions more will probably follow.

What's the trade?

I think Symantec and Check Point should all be on your radar, counsels Zach Karabell.

Gartner estimates that this is going to be a $25 billion market by 2010 and both software makers stand to benefit from their "gateway security solutions."

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