Who Gets Next Bid In Housing Sector?

Pulte Homes and Centexannounced their merger on Monday, sparking what Cramer said should be a spate of consolidation in the homebuilders. Given the hit these companies have taken over the past 18 months, he had predicted it was just a matter of time before the stronger firms started taking over their weaker peers.

“We’ve been waiting for this for so long,” he said, adding that “there can never be a real bottom until we see fewer players.”

Cramer had been saying on Mad Money that June 30 would mark an end to falling home prices and a bottom in that sector. But key initiatives from the federal government to keep mortgage rates low and help ailing banks should bring that bottom even sooner. The consolidation will also play its part. Cramer wondered if KB Homes would be the next company to be bought out.

Elsewhere in the market, the common wisdom about drinking through a recession doesn’t seem to be holding up during this downturn. Rob Sands, chairman and CEO of booze maker Constellation Brands, made statements during a “Street Signs” interviewthat had Cramer worried about the U.S. economic outlook.

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