Commodities Are 'A Flight to Quality' : Analyst

A rollercoaster ride is how you'd best describe markets over the past six months. Violent swings with stocks dropping a heart-stopping 20 percent in one session. And that's sent investors fleeing to safe haven options.

The flight to quality usually means buying into the U.S. dollar or gold. But many investors in recent months, have also decided that commodities are safe havens as well.

Todd Everts, CEO at Wall Street Global, says that this is an encouraging sign for the commodity market.

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"I think it's a smart bet over the long term, because people need to consume these commodities, and the commodity providers will continue to provide that element", Everts tells CNBC.

He adds that investors should consume commodities that are specific to manufacturing, as it equates to the U.S. consumer.

"There's an opportunity to make a profit (in commodities) and get an equity-like return over other types of instruments, be it equities and other asset classes." Everts said.

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Overall though, Everts does warn there is still a lot to be cautious about in the markets as earnings results over the next few weeks will likely be disappointing.