Steve Forbes on Markets, Fed, Short-Sellers & More

Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes, discussed the market, the Fed, short-sellers and more on CNBC's Squawk Box Thursday morning.

Forbes Grades the Fed

“They should be much more aggressive than they are today. They should go to banks and say to banks if you make mortgages available, refinance mortgages…we’ll buy those mortgage-backed securities, get that mortgage market really moving again...get housing sales moving again (and) you’d start to see this economy start to move again, but right now the Federal Reserve has been talking a better game than it’s been practicing.”

Forbes on Short-Seller Collusion

“We know the 'winks and nods' that some short-sellers have done some coordination in terms of doing some selling to put these stocks under pressure. So if they can do the 'wink and the nod,' we the public can have an uptick rule to even things out.”

Forbes on the Financial System

“The financial system has the wherewithal to get this economy back on track, and if the regulators do right on this mark-to-market, stretch it as much as they can from what they got from the Financial Accounting Standards Board, that would be a very positive thing.”

Forbes Talks Politics

“The base of the (Republican) party, which was absolutely discouraged in ’06 and ’08 with what happened in the Bush administration, is now reenergized.”

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