Bar Or Augusta? Your Take

Bar Refaeli
Bar Refaeli

We got quite a reaction from our blog yesterday detailing the surveythat revealed that almost 80 percent of male golfers would rather play a round at Augusta than go on a date with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model Bar Refaeli.

Here are our favorites:

Matthew Perry writes: "I have never had the opportunity to actually visit Augusta National, but sight unseen, I would pay to be buried there. Not any time soon mind you, but when the time comes....A question that might be more enlightening, and more difficult to answer than the one posed would be as follows: Would I rather die of a heart attack on Augusta National or on Bar Refaeli? I love golf and my wife. Therefore, I choose not to answer that question."

Jeff Brown writes:"I think the desire to golf rather than date an attractive woman says something about why these guys play so much golf to begin with. Don't get me wrong, golf is a fine game, but given the option to date a hot woman, I think most casual golfers would immediately forget where they left their clubs."

Andrew Clark writes:"I think the guys polled realize they'd score better on the course than with the model...I'd take the course any day!"

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