Web Extra: Job Hunting? Better Google Yourself First

Job hunting is a crowded place these days, especially online. So how do you break through to show potential employers why you’re better than the millions of others vying for the few jobs available out there? Careerbuilder.com’s Jason Ferrara has some tips:

1. Clean up digital dirt. Employers may look on social networking sites to research potential job candidates, learn more about their qualifications and see if they are the right fit for the company culture. Make sure to maintain a professional image online, remove any photos or information you wouldn't be comfortable with a potential employer viewing; and be selective about joining groups and accepting friends.

2. Actively connect. Once you create social networking profiles, don’t assume that your work is done. Keep your profiles updated, start groups for workers in your industry, link to your favorite blogs and actively reach out to contacts with similar interests.

3. Mix it up. Just as your job search should be a mix of different tactics, be sure to get the right social networking mix too. Promote your personal brand, skills and strengths on a variety of different social networking sites so you can reach the widest and most diverse audience of potential employers as possible. Be sure to keep your personal brand consistent across all sites to make it as stronger and resonate more effectively.