Whitecaps' Fifth-Third Burger A Hit

The famous 5,000-calorie Fifth Third Burger was officially introduced by the West Michigan Whitecaps to its fans tonight, as the Single-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers played its first home game.

Fifth Third Burger
Source: West Michigan Whitecaps
Fifth Third Burger

We just got the numbers in from the team and, despite a health warning and the price tag ($20), the team sold 107 of them. Of the people that bought the burgers, 32 people attempted to eat the whole burger -- complete with meat, cheese, fritos, chili, sour cream and more -- during the game. We're told that 17 were successful.

The first person to do it was, not surprisingly, a teenager. Kudos to Steve Landis, 16, of Grand Rapids, Mich. Landis and the 16 others who finished the burgers received free T-shirts with a color photo of the burger on it.

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