Where to Invest Now: REITs and More Ideas From Our Pros

More and more analysts are jumping on the “market bottom is here” train, saying the data suggests that, while the U.S. economy and stock market still have a ways to go for a recovery, at least they no longer appear to be in freefall.

Doug Lockwood, a CFP and principal at Harbor Lights Financial Group, recommends buying the S&P 500. This environment is still too precarious to buy up individual positions, he says, but the market is cheap enough that buying a low cost mutual fund or ETFs is an inexpensive, relatively low-risk way to ride the market higher.

Julie Casserly, founder and president of JMC Wealth Management, is advising her clients to invest in non-publicly traded REITs or real estate limited partnerships that have good positive cash flow and low leverage. As the Fed prints money, inflation is going to become more of a reality, she says, and hard assets like real estate will be a way to hedge against it.