Weatherproof Takes Tarp Without Government Help

Last week, we took you through all the official partnershipsat Yankee Stadium and Citi Field. But that left out some other creative deals that we didn’t mention.

One of those deals is with Weatherproof, which bought the rights to put its logo on the tarp covering that is housed down the third base line in the New Yankee Stadium.

Source: Weatherproof

“We like to think out of the batter’s box,” Weatherproof CEO Eliot Peyser told me. “So we decided to get help from the tarp without using any government money.”

Yankees chief operating officer Lonn Trost said that the tarp covering rights opened up after the team’s exclusivity period ended with adidas, whose logo previously covered the tarp. Trost said that the deal is only for the tarp covering and fans will see no logo when the tarp is rolled out during a rain delay.

Peyser, who wouldn’t say how much his outerwear company paid for the one-year deal, said that since other teams found out about the Yankees deal, they’ve called Weatherproof to see if they were interested in doing a similar deal with their teams.

Peyser has yet to decide if he’ll commit to sponsoring the tarp of other teams, which doesn't include the New York Mets. The Mets sold its tarp (with logo) and tarp covering to SPDRs.

Since Weatherproof hasn’t been hit as hard in this tough retail environment as others thanks to a reasonable price point and a generally cold winter and spring, Peyser said the private company’s ad spending will actually go up in 2009.

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