Keeping on Track with AM Radio

When is it going to be over?

That is what the primary concern is for Drive-Time America, according to my WTVN barometer. And they don't want a lot of economic jargon for the answer.

You see, every couple of weeks or so I do a quick interview with this AM radio station out in Columbus, Ohio, ... WTVN. Bob Conners, a convivial DJ who seems particularly attuned to the rhythm of his listeners, fires off a few questions at me. Today they were about the end of the recession, job losses, and what Obama may say.

From those questions, I get a sense of what's really on the minds of people who may not be as buried in day-to-day financial minutiae as I typically am. It's a great reality check for me. Sometimes I get too obsessed with fair value and yield curves and need a little shake as to what people are really interested in. Also, like many others in my business, the technical talk starts to eclipse plain talk. Bob is good for snapping me out of that.

In fact, I was thinking about the preponderance of jargon while listening to an interview this morning and wondering whether people could really follow the credit spread discussion. Of course, there's the danger of going from simple explanation to dumbing down. Tough line to walk ... or rather talk ... sometimes.

Bob helps keep me on track.

By the way.... Michael Jackson's stuff goes on sale soon. Check it out.