'The Glorious Four' Bank Stock Picks

Investor sentiment is improving for the beaten-down financial sector and there are four “glorious” banking stocks that could provide good opportunities, Petra von Kerssenbrock, an analyst from Cummerbund, told CNBC.

The companies and sectors that have been under pressure most during the market turmoil, including financials, insurance companies and banks, are starting to give better technical signals ahead, she added.

Within the banking sector, von Kerssenbrock recommends what she calls "the Glorious Four": Barclays, Credit Suisse, BNP Paribas, and Deutsche Bank.

"These four banks have the most sound technical situation from the banking sector," she said.

Chemical company BASF and semiconductor-equipment supplier ASML are also among von Kerssenbrock's favorites.

"They have all given buy signals, look pretty decent, and have a good chance to work out very well," she added.

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