Long-Haul Stocks: Trends For the Next 20 Years

Keith Wirtz marks CNBC's 20th anniversary by looking ahead 20 years, and picking out trends with strong potential.

One of Wirtz' favored sectors is health care.

"If you look over the last 20 years, technology was the big secular boom," the Fifth Third Asset Management president and CIO told CNBC.

And going foward?

"We like the idea of health care; we like the notion that the next trend is going to be more personalized medicine, with technology being applied to DNA studies; you may see pharmaceuticals not only in the general sense, but pharmaceuticals for individual purposes."

But that's not where his very favorite stock can be found.


"In the discretionary/leisure area, Carnival, with the idea that the baby-boom generation is going into retirement," he said.

"They're going to be consuming things; it's not going to be goods, though, it's going to be memories and experiences."


Disclosure information for Keith Wirtz was not immediately available.