Yankees Sod Hits The Market


If you read the story in the New York Times last month about the selling of the sod that’s now in the new Yankee Stadium, you can actually buy it now.

The story goes that the New Jersey company that grew the sod, DeLea Sod Farms, got approval from Major League Baseball and the Yankees, formed a company called Stadium Associatesand is marketing the leftover sod as “Yankees sod.”

The sod is now available at 25 Home Depot stores in the tri-state area and costs $1.50 per square foot. Yankees fans can also buy novelty bags of Yankees grass seed at Yankee Stadium and at a variety of online locations including Steiner Sports. A three-ounce bag costs $14.95.

A note for anyone planning on actually purchasing the sod. We’re told that it’s not just any old sod. It’s a proprietary Kentucky Bluegrass blend. It’s designed to take a beating, but it also requires much greater care.

If you do go ahead with the purchase and you need to prove to your friends that your front lawn is Yankees sod, a certificate of authenticity comes with every sale.

The players are, of course, sold separately.

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