In the Middle of a Rainy Day Tea Party

Tax day “tea parties” protesting higher taxes and out of control government spending were scheduled for at least 300 locations in all 50 states, according to organizers.

But the most challenging venue may have been in the nation’s capitol, Washington D.C.

First, there was the weather …. a torrential downpour dampened the turnout at an outdoor rally in Lafayette park across from the White House.

Washington organizers of the nationwide movement (“taxed enough already” or T-E-A) found out the hard way it is easier to organize on the Internet in cyberspace … than “on the ground” around the White House and the Treasury Department.

A symbolic “tea dumping” was cancelled because of permit problems and security issues.

A box of tea bags was tossed over the fence on to the White House grounds … causing a brief flurry of activity by uniformed security personnel.

For his part President Obama had his own tax day message... pointing out that in just 12 weeks in office … his administration has delivered on promises of tax relief for working class families … and he pledged a long term commitment to reducing the deficit and overhauling the tax code.