Merger Mania w/ Jon Najarian


New information from the Fed's Beige Book is stoking speculation that merger mania could soon sweep over parts of the market.

The results show that although the U.S. economy continued to weaken in March and early April, the speed of contraction is fading.

"Although conditions are still weak right now, there are signs that there is stabilization in certain sectors," expalins Michelle Meyer, an economist with Barclays Capital. "We're clearly still in a deep recession but there are signs that things are looking a little bit brighter."

Takeover Talk

And if options action is any indication, than one of the sectors showing signs of life is -- technology . In fact, OptionMonster Jon Najarian is particularly keen on this sector for possible M&A activity.

On CNBC’s Closing Bell he says “There are a lot of rumors going around about takeovers and I think they’re more believable in the tech space because the big tech companies have the money on hand.”

In other words larger tech companies could swallow smaller niche firms in an effort to be well positioned for a recovery.

And the M&A should happen in tech first because tech is expected to lead the recovery as Corporate America spends more on IT to make their own businesses more efficient and profitable.

What’s the trade?

As a result Najarian focused on InterDigital and Marvell -- two names he considers targets. “I’m long both Marvell and InterDigital and I think we could get a pop out of both because deals could happen quickly.”

Najarian also says EMC is another name that could be the target of an acquisition.

What’s the bottom line? “I would keep an eye out for unusual activity in any one of these 3 names,” Najarian counsels.

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