The Breakdown: Madden's Endorsement Deals


John Madden still has a ton of endorsement deals, which his agent Sandy Montag has said will remain active.

Here's the big list.

Electronic Arts- In 2005, Madden agreed to a lifetime rights contract which gives EA the use of his name for the successful video game franchise.

Outback - The deal for sponsorship of the Madden Cruiser expires before this football season. Montag says he is currently in discussions with the steakhouse chain, as Madden will still travel by bus. If Outback doesn't renew, Montag says there will be corporate involvement.

Ace - Madden has had this deal since 1987, which might make it the second-longest active endorsement by an sports figure. Second of course to Michael Jordan's deal with Nike, which was signed on Oct. 24, 1984.

Tinactin-- "Boom!" Madden has been endorsing this anti-fungal spray and cream since at least 1994.

Verizon Wireless-- Madden has appeared in spots for the mobile service for the past couple years.

Media Deals -- Madden has been with SiriusXM since 2004 and has a local radio deal with KCBS.

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