Does The Retirement Of Madden End Caliendo's Run?

John Madden
John Madden

Frank Caliendo, the comedian who made his name by impersonating John Madden, got a little less relevant thanks to the broadcaster's retirement on Thursday.

It's another blow to Caliendo, whose next best impersonation is President George W. Bush.

Caliendo said Thursday that Madden's retirement won't immediately put him out of business. He's actually inked for two more years to do work with NFL on FOX.

"Then that will probably be it," Caliendo told the "Bickley and MJ Show" on XTRA Sports 910.

"It's a fantastic job," said Caliendo, who also does a strong impression of Bill Walton. "It's probably my favorite job in all the stuff I've done. I've had some opportunities where people wanted me to host some gameshows and things like that. Looked at that, but never really thought, 'This is for me.' I want to get out of the just character stuff."

Caliendo admitted that recent events are kind of pushing him from his two most famous roles, but called Bush's move out of the White House and Madden's retirement "a plus."

"You have to evolve and change and do different things, Caliendo said. "That's what I'm looking forward to."

When the show's co-host Dan Bickley mentioned Madden's replacement, Chris Collinsworth, Caliendo cracked, "What am going to do? Stretch my neck out?"

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