Tony Hawk Just Wants His Trophy Back

Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk

At 10 p.m. ET last night, skateboarding icon Tony Hawk went online to file this Twitter note: “A sports museum that I recently lent some memorabilia to went bankrupt before it opened. The court wants $1,500 to give me my stuff back. WTF.”

We’re not 100 percent sure, but we think Hawk is talking about the Sports Museum of America, a national sports museum that was based near Wall Street and was actually open for seven months before shutting down in February.

The museum’s parent company filed for bankruptcy the following month with $56 million in assets and $177 million in debt. The museum was displaying Hawk’s second-place trophy from a 1979 youth skateboarding competition.

We haven’t heard back from Sanford Rosen, the attorney whose name is on the bankruptcy filing. Hawk is not listed as a creditor. Hawk's lawyer Jared Levine was not immediately available for comment.

Interestingly, former Boston Celtics great Bob Cousy, is a creditor. The filing says that Cousy himself is owed $487,500, while something called the “Bob Cousy Award” is owed $235,000.

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