They Gambled With Your Money, Now It's Your Turn To Play Them

Remember the Iraqi "Most Wanted" playing cardswhich were a hit in 2003? Millions of decks sold. Now an out-of-work financial services worker named Jason Witt is hoping to cash in on the "Financial Crisis Most Wanted Playing Cards".

Each card depicts the image of a CEO, politician, or all-around rich guy who has been involved in the Wall Street crisis. While Saddam Hussein was the Ace of Spades in the Iraqi deck, it's Bernard Madoff in this one.

We've put together our favorite "flush" here-Madoff, Lewis, Mozilo, Thain and Geithner-flush, as in down the drain with your money.

Financial Cards
Financial Cards

Every conceivable player in the financial crisis adorns one of the 52 cards, everyone from Jimmy Cayne on the Nine of Spades to Rick Wagoner on the Nine of Hearts. Barney Frank is the Queen of Hearts.But then, all the Queens in this deck are men. No women! Oh wait. Sheila Bair is the Seven of Hearts.

Each deck costs $5.95, and Witt says he's sold about 600 so far on his website. He tells me a couple of catalogs and retail venues "might become available sometime soon." Customers say the playing cards inspire "a whole bunch of emotion...we're already seeing some of these jokers swapping their neckties for prison uniforms, and there's plenty more to come, just wait and see."

Sounds like Witt has a whole bunch of emotion about this, as well.

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