Negroponte: China a 'Factor of Stability' for the World

China recently flexed its international muscles by calling for the use of a currency, other than the U.S. dollar, as the global reserve currency. It was a daring suggestion in the midst of the global downturn.

Ambassador John D. Negroponte, former Deputy Secretary of State and vice-chairman of McLarty Associates believes that China's voice is a strong one as it weathers from the current economic recession.

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"China today is a major player on the international economic scene," said Negroponte. He spoke to CNBC about the role of China as an international leader during the crisis. He added that the Chinese have been a "factor of stability"

He commended China for the positive actions taken during the current global downturn, alluding to the stimulus packages implemented and Premier Wen Jiabao's numerous speeches.

"Chinese engagement is positive, constructive, and I think they want to work with us to try to stabilize the global economic situation", Negroponte said.

By "us", he was referring to the United States as well as the rest of the international community.

Negroponte concluded that China is taking responsibility for the current global downturn by wanting to be an active participant, working towards the stabilization of the world economy.