Pros Say: Green Stocks Can't Beat the Bear

As the world celebrates Earth Day in a bid to improve awareness for climate-change issues, CNBC asks market experts whether "green" stocks are attractive at the current stage of the economic cycle.

Bad Time to Go Green?

The current bear-market environment is not the right time to invest in "green" stocks, Benjamin Pedley, MD & investment strategist at LGT Investment Management Asia, told CNBC.

“In the current environment I think it’s really difficult to be a thematic investor … Thematic investments work very well during the middle to later stages of a bull market,” Pedley added.

The Politics of Green

Green Invests Here | See Complete Coverage
Green Invests Here | See Complete Coverage

Julian Pendock, partner at Senhouse Capital, is also skeptical of investing in "green" stocks and told CNBC that the whole ideology behind the movement had been hijacked by various interest groups.

“I’d be wary of investing in companies where you’re completely dependant on government subsidies. A company has to be completely self-sufficient in terms of cash generation,” Pendock said.

“I don’t think you can rebuild an economy by building lots of windmills,” he added.

Cashing In on "Blue Gold"

Andrew Pidden, CIO of clean resources at CLSA Capital Partners, reveals how investors can cash in on "green" investments in the water sector.