Strategist: These 3 Green Stocks Can Make Money

Brent Wilsey has a new take on the phrase "market environment."

The president of Wilsey Asset Management has some suggestions for investors looking to "green up" their portfolios with the stocks of environmentally-conscious companies.

"If you do your homework here, you can find green companies that will actually put some green in your pocket down the road," he told CNBC.


Appropriately enough, Wilsey's first pick is First Solar.

Green Invests Here | See Complete Coverage
Green Invests Here | See Complete Coverage

"This company has sales growth of 140 percent year-over-year," he said. "Their earnings are up 111 percent; you're only paying about 17 times forward earnings, and the debt-to-equity is only 13 percent."

Another sunny selection is GT Solar International.

"GT Solar actually makes the equipment, First Solar sells the equipment," he said, explaining the difference between the two companies. "Sales are up 380 percent; you're only paying eight times forward earnings."

Although there's no debt on the company's balance sheet, Wilsey points out that $50 million of the company's $69 million total equity is in intangible assets.

An older green favorite is ethanol producer Archer Daniels Midland.

"Their sales grew by 14 percent year-over-year," he explained, although he admitted that ethanol demand has dropped.


Disclosure information for Brent Wilsey was not immediately available.