Making Money in a Volatile Environment

This past weekend saw traders and investors from around the region gather in Singapore for the Asia Trader and Investor Convention. A major discussion issue – volatile markets and whether it’s possible to successfully navigate through them to turn in a profit.

The general consensus is that volatile markets are great for traders, but terrible for investors.

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“Volatility gives you the chance of making rapid returns,” says Daryl Guppy, president and CEO of “And that’s great for traders but lousy for investors – volatility keeps investors up at night!” Guppy quips.

Guppy feels that the main challenge is to make volatility a friend and not see it as the enemy. And many other analysts agree with him.

“We’re seeing a very healthy range of trading in terms of highs and lows. At least 300 to 500 pips. This has created a lot of interest for us as brokers. And clients are coming in to activate accounts because of this opportunity,” says Terrence Lee, assistant manager of PhillipCapital.

Kathy Lien, director of currency research at GFT adds that, “what you have to do in this market is look for different opportunities, because what you’re seeing is that equities are no longer providing returns a lot of investors are looking for.”


So it would seem that a volatile market is one where huge fortunes can be made in the short term. Guppy and his fellow traders all say that trends should be your good friends. At the same time, one needs to be very disciplined in terms of risk management.

“How you deal with risk management is very important. You have to pay attention to stop losses. If the market goes against you, at a certain level, you must sort out your positions,” concludes Kenny Wong, currency strategist at FXCM Asia.