NFL's Goodell On Draft And Business

Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was on "Squawk Box" this morning.

Here are the highlights.

On the rookie wage scale proposal and the money this weekend's draftees will make:

"It's something in the rookie pool that we have to speak to our players association about and negotiate collectively. But just this weekend, in the first round alone, we'll commit $600 million to our first round draft choices this weekend, $400 (million) of that will be guaranteed money. So it's significant expenses that we have to pay to our players that have not yet proven themselves on the field. My philosophy has been the proven veterans that do it on the NFL field should be the ones that are rewarded."

On ticket prices:

"We had 24 of our 32 teams that did not change their prices going into this season, and the remaining eight teams really had modest increases in certain categories. But we've been very sensitive to this issue. We're in the process of selling the tickets to our season ticket holders now. We don't have all the data back. I'm sure we're going to have pockets where we're going to have challenges because of local economic factors or because of team performance. The one thing that's clear in this kind of environment - there is a flight to quality. We only have 10 home games and with the quality of what we offer, I think that will hold us well."

On Tweeting during the draft:

"Yes, I am going to be tweeting from the draft. Any I can. Yesterday at, we have 5,000 questions to "Ask the Commissioner," which I do on a regular basis. It's twittering, but an individual twit is a tweet, isn't it?"

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