The Importance of Being Dynamic

One day the markets are up, and the next day they’re down. Market gyrations have gotten less violent compared to 2008 but investors still need to remain vigilant over their investments.

"Don't be too complacent about the markets,” advises Christian Nolting, regional head of portfolio management & lead strategist, Asia Pacific Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management on CNBC's "Protect Your Wealth".

Nolting started the year with a strong underweight in equities and changed it to overweight in mid-March when the markets hit fresh lows. Since then, he has again changed his weighting on equities.

"We don’t think there will be a V-shaped recovery, there might be some setbacks in the future, and our asset allocation, stand for that," Nolting said. "So we want to be very dynamic, and we’re starting to take some gains of the equities we bought in March."

"The environment is really set up for (investors) not to be too complacent and be disciplined in investments… So what we do so far is to have really dynamic asset allocations," he concluded.

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