Mad Mail: A Rebound in McDonald’s and Wal-Mart?

Hi Jim: Your discussion about breadth on the OSU show really hit home with me. I've been using the weekly breadth of [your charitable trust] as my bottom/turnaround signal. You often compare the sector weightings of the portfolio relative to the S&P. It is your benchmark, and you consistently beat it. There was a marked change in March. Even though losers still outnumbered gainers the ratio improved dramatically. Is my thinking lame or am I on to something? Is this a good tell for a healthy market? --Nick in New Jersey

Cramer says: “Not only is it not lame, but you have hit upon one of, I think, the most important indicators there is. And I want you to stick with it and keep developing other things that give you the confidence to buy or to sell, and that is a great one to look at.”


Cramer: Thanks for setting the backdrop for trading. It has helped me make some fundamentally and technically strong picks. I bought into McDonald's and Wal-Mart just before their moving averages went through the floor. What kind of time frame do you think these stocks could come back in? Thanks. --Cara

Cramer says: “I own Wal-Mart for [my charitable trust]. I don’t expect it to do well right now because it’s a very defensive stock. Same thing with McDonald’s. Here’s the way you look at Wal-Mart and McDonald’s: These are classic stocks that will do well over time. I don’t think you should think day-to-day. Just own them, [and] stay with the show. I will update you on them constantly because I think the managements of those two companies are fabulous.”

Cramer's charitable trust owns Wal-Mart.

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