Market Tips: Where to Take Shelter from Swine Flu

Global stocks fell Monday after 7 weeks of gains as concerns intensified the spread of swine flu, which has killed more than 100 people in Mexico, would hit the global economy. Experts tell CNBC how to position themselves during the epidemic.

Swine Flu Boosts Safe-Haven Bids

The swine flu outbreak is giving support to safe-haven currencies like the yen and the Swiss franc, says Sean Callow, senior currency strategist at Westpac Bank.

Impact of Swine Flu on FX

The outbreak of the swine flu will see a flight back to the yen and possibly the greenback, says Euan Mccreadie, senior corporate dealer at OzForex.

Swine Flu Outbreak Positive for Palm Oil

The swine flu outbreak will have a positive impact on palm oil prices and plantation stocks, believes Nirgunan Tiruchelvam, equities analyst at RBS.

Impact of Swine Flu on Airlines

The outbreak of swine flu is more bad news for the airline industry, says Rod Skellet, head of global markets at BBY.

Guarding Your Portfolio Against Swine Flu

Adrian Mowat, chief Asian & emerging markets equity strategist at JPMorgan does not advise dramatically changing your portfolio due to the swine flu outbreak. Instead, he suggests buying puts.

Sideways Trading Seen

Expect the market to trade sideways today with an upside bias, predicts Alvin Chong, director of research at Sun Hung Kai Financial Group. He tells CNBC what factors to watch out for, including the impact from the swine flu outbreak.

Sterling Slump to Boost UK

The fall in the value of sterling will help the UK's manufacturing sector, Ian Stewart from Deloitte told CNBC. Economies do adjust to big shocks, Stewart added.