The Sports World's First Twinterview


I just finished what is believed to be the sports world's first "Twinterview," an interview conducted on Twitter. The interview was with NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy (Twitter name: @NFLprguy), who has built up quite a Twitter following, and the subject was the NFL Draft.

I'm recapping the interview here on my blog for those who aren't on Twitter and to those on Twitter who weren't following in real time. For those who want to follow me and this blog on Twitter, you can find me at DarrenRovell1.

DarrenRovell1: Brian, the NFL Draft was a big moment (for) Twitter and sports. You guys really capitalized on it. What #'s did you see?

NFLprguy: re: NFL twitter #s. @nflhad 33k followers, @richeisenof nfl network 4,200. @nflcommishGoodell tried it and had 3,600.

DarrenRovell1: Pretty impressive #'s. How has Twitter changed your job and your relationship with the media and fans?

NFLprguy: Twitter another way 2 talk and listen 2 fans. virtual focus group. Commish focused on reaching fans where ever they may!

DarrenRovell1: How does Twitter, help teams, players and the league?

NFLprguy: Twitter great way 4 teams, league to get realtime feedback, talk directly to avid fans. Reach fans wherevr they may B

DarrenRovell1: U are a Twitter veteran now. With the Rookie Symposium coming up, what you warn rookies about in terms of Twitter rules?

NFLprguy: Learned that world has shrunk. Nothing off the record. Fans want nfl info 24/7. Players have 2B aware their lives are public.

Having done this now, here are some rules for people who want to conduct future Twinterviews.

1. People won't see both the questions and the answers if they are not following both people. So you might need to retweet everything so that it shows up on both feeds.

2. I would recommend keeping the Twinterview to no more than four questions. You can lose followers if you do this wrong.

3. You also have to do it quickly since people are following many feeds. I would recommend that the whole Twinterview takes place in less than 20 minutes.

4. You also must time your Twinterview. You want it to be at a time when people are looking, but it is slower than the rest of the day. It's my first one, but I think the time we picked was perfect - between 8:30-9:30 a.m. ET.

Ultimately the goal of the Twinterview is that you can borrow followers from each other, which I think happened.

Questions? Comments?