Where to Invest Now

It's the age-old question: Where in the world should I put my money?

Two of our top financial advisors offer these ideas:

Kevin Timmerman, President & Co-Owner, Steele Capital Management:
If you’re thinking long-term (as you should be), everything is on sale. The TCW Total Return Bond Fund (TGLMX) is something I’ve been recommending to clients. It invests in mortgage-backed securities – but not the risky ones we hear so much about in the news. These mortgages are still being paid and the funds are trading at discounts, with nice yields to maturity. The TCW has a great track record.

Thomas Meyer, CEO & Chairman, Meyer Capital Group:
I like the TFS Market Neutral Fund (TFSMX). It offers a buffer on the downside while also offering upside potential should the market go up. In the last five years this fund has given its investors a 75 percent capture ratio on the upside while offering only a 25 percent capture ration on the downside. The fund was down 7 percent last year and is up 2 percent so far this year. The bottom line is that it’s an equity fund with the volatility of a bond – a perfect fund for this economic environment. Our clients and I both have positions in this fund.