How Much Do Undrafted Free Agents Get?

Over the past couple days, I've talked plenty about the millions that the top NFL draft picks are sure to make. But what about the college names that you know, like John Parker Wilson, Chase Daniel, Graham Harrell and Quan Cosby, who signed undrafted free agent contracts after not being drafted? How much do those guys make?

In most cases, not even enough to pay for a single year of their college scholarship.

Here's an inside look into last year's numbers. Last year, signing bonuses for these contracts ranged from $0 to $23,000. That high bonus went to USC tackle Drew Radovich, who was signed by the Vikings.

The 50 or so players that were undrafted free agents last year that actually went on to make their teams then made minimum salaries.

This year, Players who make the team after being an undrafted free agent, will play for the minimum of $310,000 in 2009, $385,000 in 2010 and $460,000 in 2011. If at any time during the season, these guys are inactive or go on injured reserve, they can lose more than $100,000 a year. Players who make the practice squad earn about $5,000 a game.

Agents say the hardest part of their job is trying to get their undrafted players signed. Teams typically aren't truthful about how many players from that position they are signing and often don't reveal what their budget is. Team officials sometimes require agents to make decisions for their clients in a matter of minutes.

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