Pros Say: Don't Bank on Cash; Shed Gold

It may be the safe-haven choice of the financial crisis, but experts tell CNBC that cash will underperform over the next 10 years.

Cash — The Worst Performing Asset Class?

Cash will be the worst performing asset class over the next 10 years, believes Don Williams, portfolio manager at Platypus Asset Management. Williams & James Holt, VP at BlackRock Investment Management reveal how they are investing instead, in today's installment of "Protect Your Wealth".

Limit Your Gold Exposure

It is good to invest 10% of your portfolio in gold but no more than that, says Paul Day, chief market analyst at MIG Investments.

Are Corporates Ready for Flu Outbreak?

It is time for corporates to dust off their contingency plans, says Steve Vickers, president & CEO of International Risk. He outlines what companies need to do if the swine flu outbreak escalates.

US Economy Not Getting Better

The stock market rally is not sustainable as the U.S. economy is still struggling, says Paul Day, chief market analyst at MIG Investments.

Chrysler, GM's Fate Uncertain

Jessica Caldwell, industry analyst at, says resentment seems to building as the Chrysler-Fiat deal could benefit the Italian automaker at the expense of U.S. taxpayers. She adds that GM's turnaround will be one long struggle.

GM's Survival Plan

General Motors' latest restructuring plan will require concessions on all sides but it remains to be seen if enough can be done to help the troubled auto giant avoid bankruptcy, observes Dodge Dorland, CIO at Landor Capital Management.

Beer's Resilience in Recession

Lipstick, chocolate and beer continue to thrive in recessions, says Lion Nathan chairman, Geoff Ricketts. He speaks to CNBC about beer's resilience during a recession.

Back Away from Banks

Investors should be stepping back from the stock market after the recent rally, especially from the banking stocks, Tyler Vernon from Biltmore Capital told CNBC. Larry Hatheway from UBS joined the discussion.