For Your Cashin, Latin America, and Index Needs

We have a few new pages for you folks.

The Art Cashin page: We noticed that in our daily search terms, a regular cadre of readers are doing searches on "cashin" and "art cashin." The UBS exec is apparently a popular guy ... and a pretty on-target market commentator. So, in an effort to be a little more reader friendly, we've made a stab at a one-stop shop for his commments. You'll find it here.

(It's been up for a few days now, but I've noticed about the same number of searches for his name. Habits are hard to break, especially if you are used to finding something a certain way on a Web site.)

The Latin America Markets page. There's always been interest in money matters south of the border. Recent flu concerns have heightened that interest. While some of these indexes are listed in our World Markets section, we thought we'd make a place specific to those who want to track these specific markets. If you like it enough, maybe we'll expand it down the road.

Nasdaq and S&P Indexpages. Hey, you liked the Dow 30 enough. We figured we'd do it for the other major indexes as well.

Hope you like them.