Swine Flu Jitters Help Surprising Sectors Glitter

There could be some investment opportunities from the swine flu, said Darin Richards, CIO of AKT Wealth Advisors.

“I think [the swine flu] is a good ‘stress test’ for the markets,” Richards told CNBC. “It will tell us whether or not the fear is still intact out there.”

He said investors should look into opportunities in travel, tourism and even possibly oil.

“Some of the sectors that were down the most yesterday are in positive territory today,” he said. “That’s a good indication that the market is feeling pretty comfortable about things and even though there was a scare, it certainly hasn’t driven stocks lower two days in a row.”

In addition to the sectors mentioned above, Richards also recommended the following:

Richards Likes:



Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Health Care

“We see asset classes that have been heavily beaten up that are actually recovering and are top performers,” he said of the sectors above. “So risk is being rewarded with nice returns right now”

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Disclosure information was not immediately available for Richards or his company.

Some U.S. Based REITs:

Simon Property Group

Vornado Realty Trust

Equity Residential

Apartment Investment & Management

Boston Properties