Yankees Repricing Premium Seats

Empty seats no longer?

The New York Yankees have announced the following price changes on premium seats.

The $2,500 per game seats, that weren't selling as the Yanks had hoped, will now cost $1,250 per game.

The $1,000 per game seats will now cost $650 per game.

Fans who already purchased these seats on a season basis at their old value can either get a credit on the difference or a refund.

Fans who bought the high end seats, ranging in price from $325 to $2,500 per game in value, will also receive a combination of complimentary seats of equal value.

There are also deals for those who haven't already bought tickets.

The team is offering a free season ticket to those who buy at least three $325 per game seats. Those who already purchased at least two of these seats will now get at least once free seat, either on an alternating game basis or every game, depending on how many seats they purchased.

Update: These are not for all seats at these price points. It is only for certain seats in certain sections. We're told the total amount of affected seats is about 600.

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