Market Tips: Why China's Rally Doesn't Ring True

Global stocks were higher Wednesday as swine-flu fears took a step back from the spotlight and investors focused on the upbeat economic data which came out of the U.S. Experts tell CNBC that the acceleration in China's stock markets may be short-lived.

Buy on Dips in Asia

Norman Chan, chief investment officer at PCM Capital recommends buying on dips in Asia. He reveals his top sector picks in this region.

Just a False Rally in China

China stock markets' acceleration in 2009 has got nothing to do with corporate earnings, says Jim Walker, founder & CEO at Asianomics. He tells CNBC why he believes there is a high risk it could come off very sharply.

Expect Steady Yuan Appreciation

Over the next 5 years, expect the yuan to continue to appreciate in a manageable way, says Peter Alexander, head of Z-Ben Advisors.

Save China, Save the World?

There is a 30% risk that the Chinese economy may shrink in 2009, warns Jim Walker, founder & CEO at Asianomics. But Peter Alexander, head of Z-Ben Advisors disagrees as he thinks its economy is in good shape.

Australia's Dependence on China

While China is strong, Australia is sheltered, says National Australia Bank's Chief Financial Officer, Mark Joiner. He tells CNBC that if China's economy "falls over", Australia will experience worse conditions.

Finding a Bottom in the Aussie Market

Geoff Wilson, portfolio manager at Wilson Asset Management expects this bear market to hit bottom in February 2010. But Greg Bundy, vice-chairman of AIMS Finance disagrees.

Yen's Rise May Not Last

As Sharada Selvanathan, currency strategist at BNP Paribas thinks the impact of swine flu on the currency market is going to be temporary, she warns investors not to go too long on the yen.

EMs Must Move Away from Export-Led Growth

Martial Godet, CIO of new markets at BNP Paribas Asset Management, says he is convinced equities will be significantly higher mid and long term for emerging markets. But Jim Walker, founder and CEO of Asianomics, says EMs must move away from export-led growth or investing there would be a waste of money.

Emerging Markets Rebound

The MSCI Emerging Markets Index enjoyed a sharp rebound in March. Martial Godet, CIO of new markets at BNP Paribas Asset Management, believes the gains seen in emerging markets are sustainable. But Jim Walker, founder and CEO of Asianomics is more cautious.