Jenny Craig's Horse Needs New Name

Kentucky Derby 135
Kentucky Derby 135

You might be surprised to hear that weight loss queen Jenny Craig owns one of the favorites in this weekend's Kentucky Derby.

But you'll be even more surprised to hear the name: Chocolate Candy.

Does Jenny Craig really want to be using her horse to push temptation? We don't think this is good for obese America or her business.

So we're trying to get the horse's name changed to a more dietetic option before the big race. Your choices are: 1) Inallhissplenda, 2) Lotsa Fiber, 3) Desert Dessert, 4) Cal-O-Wee, 5) Worth The Weight, 6) Results Not Typical.

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And this programming note:A CNBC Original, "RUN FOR THE ROSES: THE KENTUCKY DERBY AND THE BUSINESS OF HORSE RACING" will premiere on Thursday, April 30th at 9PM and 1AM.