Bon Voyage for a Newsman's Newsman

Want to tip the hat to a true newsman, professional and gentleman here at Andy Fisher. He just retired after 25 years with the NBC family.

His name could be familiar to you for a number of reasons. His voice certainly. Andy was a big presence on WNEW, New York's once cutting-edge rock and roll radio station, during its heyday. That was after schooling at Columbia University and a stint in Army intelligence.


Or you perhaps know him from sports ... he played a major broadcast role there too, especially in NBC's coverage of the Seoul Olympics. He was also a news writer for NBC's Today Show for 10 years.

But the latter part of his career was spent with CNBC, where he delved into everything from TV show production to radio broadcast to ... Bless him ... Internet news. Frankly, he's been one of our primary players and major contributors since our launch about 2 years ago. (In fact, I tried to talk him out of retiring ... Apparently I need to work on my persuasion skills).

We had a little send off for Andy last night. We wish him all the best.