Where to Invest Now: Ideas From Our Pros

Steve Pomeranz, President, Pomeranz Financial Management
Think outside the box a little and invest in commodities. It is difficult, but it can also be rewarding. There is a mutual fund, the Direxion Commodity Trends Strategy Fund (DXCTX), which can go long and short the whole range of commodities from corn to copper. It has a relatively low cost and is an SEC-registered fund. It also follows a disciplined strategy.

Jennifer Lane, Founder, Compass Planning Associates
Cash is king! The economy is showing signs of recovery but we’re still in a recession. Make sure you are building a bigger emergency fund than normal, pay down your debt and allocate some fixed income for your portfolio. If the economy makes an “L” shaped recovery, you will need the interest to build your nest egg.

Pomeranz and his clients own (DXCTX)