Market Tips: Gold to Hit $1,000 by Year-End

Global stocks enjoyed a second day of gains Thursday, waving off fears of a swine flu pandemic, as most corporate earnings come in better than expected. But with the global economic outlook still cloudy, experts tell CNBC how best to invest.

Gold to Hit $1000 End-2009

Gold remains a safe-haven bet with the potential to offer a 10-20% gain by year's end, observes Stuart Shrimpton, director at Intelligent Investments.

Long on Gold

Investors are feeling more comfortable buying gold to get long, says Larry Levin, founder & president of Secrets of Traders.

Flu Won't Dampen Upward Momentum

David Costa, dean at Robert Kennedy College does not see a strong impact from the swine flu outbreak on the markets. He tells CNBC why he expects the markets to continue rising.

Swine Flu Outbreak Just a Short-Term Blip

The swine flu outbreak will be just a short-term blip for Asian markets, believes Kelvin Miranda, investment strategist at BluFire Asset Management. But he tells CNBC the region's tourism and aviation sectors will be affected.

Stick to Defensives

Stick with defensive plays like miners and banks, says Lucinda Chan, divisional director at Macquarie Financial Services.

Economy Could Avert Depression

We are seeing signs that the global economy may avert a full-blown depression, Aaron Gurtwitz from Barclays Wealth told CNBC Thursday. Gurtwitz said investors should remain defensive.

The Case for Uranium

Uranium is the investment opportunity of the decade, says Graham Bibby, MD of Richmond Asset Management.