Warren Buffett Sits Tall in the Saddle For Shareholders Meeting

Warren Buffett may not be John Wayne material, but "Buffett the Bullet" is certainly sitting Tall in the Saddlefor a promotional poster that will be sold for charity by Berkshire subsidiary Business Wire at this weekend's shareholder meeting in Omaha.


It's one of three "Legends of the Wired Wired West" posters that will sell as a set for $5. Proceeds go to CASA For Douglas County, Nebraska, a group that assists abused and neglected children in the court system.

The other two posters feature Charlie "The Maverick" Munger and Business Wire CEO Cathy Baron Tamraz.

Also in Omaha this weekend:

Berkshire Hathaway has distributed roughly 100,000 shareholder credentials for this year's meeting, and is also selling up to 10,000 tickets to the annual meeting ($5 for two) on eBay, as an anti-scalping measure.

An Annual Meeting Visitor's Guidehas been posted on Berkshire's web site.

Current Berkshire stock prices:


Class A:

Class B:

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