Did Looks Affect NFL Draft Position?


Last year, I was fascinated with the study done by a group of economists that revealed that better looking quarterbacks made more money. Using facial symmetry to objectify looks, the group revealed that players who looked better made about $300,000 more. When I asked my readers if better looking players should get paid more, 34 percent actually said they should.

With that in mind I sent an e-mail to these economists, David Berri at Southern Utah and Jennifer VanGilder of Ursinus College. I provided them with headshots of the top 20 draft picks from this weekend and asked if they noticed any patterns based on looks.

In general, they said that there was no statistically significant link between draft positions and facial attractiveness, though they did note quarterbacks are better looking than the average sample of players. The economists say it’s possible this might be the case because how children look could influence who plays quarterback at an early age.

And, according to the facial symmetry program, the economists say that the Jets can at least call Mark Sanchez the best looking quarterback drafted in the first round last Saturday.

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