NBA MVPs Don't Keep Cars

Photo by: Ian Muttoo

LeBron James and Dwight Howard have many endorsement deals, but both are currently free agents as far as national car deals go.

That's why it's a good thing that the offensive and defensive MVP award winners don't actually have to accept cars from Kia, which sponsor the awards.

Since Kia does the deal with the league, the league asks the players what charity they want the car to go to. Agents are relieved by this practice, so as not to compromise their player's ability to market another car brand.

Last year, Kobe Bryant donated his Kia Borrego to the East L.A. Boys and Girls Club. Howard already donated his car to the Orlando Day Nursery.

It's a nice gesture, but the practice of donating the car isn't necessarily the best endorsement for Kia. It would make much more sense if the player would turn the key and drive away in the thing. That being said, a car that one of these players wants isn't the type of car that can be mass marketed to America.

When he finally does the deal, James' car endorsement deal could come out at a discount because he is so associated with the Hummer he drove in high school. General Motors is currently looking for buyers to take the Hummer brand off its hands.

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