Pros Say: Real Estate Rebound 'Going Quite Well'

Stocks slipped slightly on Tuesday as investors reacted to remarks from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and the pending results from the government's bank stress test. But some optimistic experts said there are still some positive signs for the markets. Watch the following videos to find out what the experts had to say...

Still Room for Growth

Robert Pavlik of Banyan Partners said investors haven’t completely missed out on the bottom and that investment opportunities are still out there. He said there’s still more room for growth.

Signs of Life in the Housing Market?

US pending home sales unexpectedly rose in March, as first-time buyers took advantage of low house prices and interest rates. David Page from Investec said the spring session for the housing market is “going quite well.”However, he said the key question now is if the banks will continue lending to the sector.

Media Still Not Attractive

Media companies are reflections of economies and that reflection is not attractive right now, said Bob Wright, former CEO of NBC Universal (corporate parent of CNBC). “There’s a demand problem all over the world and there’s no escape from it. Media companies depend on corporations to reinvest and pursue their markets. But right now, the lack of demand is a real issue,” he said.

Obama’s ‘Horrendous Mistakes’

Former Governor George Pataki (R-NY) disapproved of Obama’s global export policy. He said the U.S. should be looking at ways to encourage investment and creation of jobs, instead of raising taxes on successful companies and individuals in the middle of a bad recession.

Law Firms: A Woman’s World?

Maurice Turnor Gardner is a new law firm that focuses on international wealth, philanthropy and professional services firms. Contrary to popular beliefs about law firms being a “man’s world,” all but one of Maurice Turnor Gardener’s employees is female. Partner Arabella Saker said it “sends a good message about what women can achieve in the city.”

From Burgers to Baristas

McDonald’s nationally launched its new McCafe coffee menu today, and president Don Thompson said he is betting that the initiative will eventually turn into a billion-dollar plus opportunity.

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