Where to Invest Now: Muni Bonds and more

We ask two top financial planners to give us one idea each for the average investor.

Tim Maurer, Director of Financial Planning, The Financial Consulate
If you like mutual funds, check out IVA Worldwide (IVWAX). It’s a new fund that is managed by the same team that managed First Eagle Global (SGENX), a fund that is up 180 percent over the last decade while the S&P is down 23 percent in the same period. These guys take less risk and that’s how they outperform.

Doug Flynn, Founder, Flynn Zito Capital Management
Equities were a better investment when the market was lower a couple months ago. Now municipal bonds are the better play, as they are yielding more than treasuries. Eventually that will correct and they will go back to yielding around 80 percent of what T-bills yield, but until then munis are a “great opportunity.”

Maurer And His Clients Own (IVWAX)