Stress Test Scorecard: How the 19 Biggest Banks Fared

US banking regulators released results of the stress tests on the 19 biggest American financial institutions, saying which banks need additional capital to survive a worsening of the economy.

Here's a rundown of the results:

Capital Needs of Big U.S. Banks (in alphabetical order)

American Express None

Bank of America $33.9 Billion

Bank of New York None

BB&T None

Capital One Financial None

Citigroup $5.5 Billion

Fifth Third $1.1 billion

GMAC $11.5 Billion

Goldman Sachs None

JPMorgan Chase None

KeyCorp $1.8 billion

MetLife None

Morgan Stanley $1.8 Billion

PNC Financial — $0.6 Billion

Regions Financial $2.5 billion

State Street None

SunTrust Banks $2.2 billion

U.S. Bancorp None

Wells Fargo $13.7 Billion