From Red to Black: Managing Debt with Help from Carmen

Millions of Americans are struggling to get out from under the crushing weight of debt. So where do you turn when the credit card bills keep growing and the collection agencies don’t stop calling?

That’s what happened to Kim, better known as ‘Little Miss Fortune,’ a blogger for Kim writes about getting her finances in order with help from Carmen, who took on the job as her "debt doctor." Kim said she always knew she wasn’t good at managing money but never knew where to start. That state of mind led her down a path of debt that started in college and just recently ended as she paid off her last credit card bill.

Kim said it was both scary and empowering to see her credit report for the first time. Now she knows where she’s starting from as she embarks on a goal to become financially independent and help other young women do the same thing – it’s a goal you can follow along as she documents it all in her blog. And don’t miss Carmen’s columns in Glamour, either.

Watch the video below for more about Kim, including how Carmen helped her get on the right track.