Yankees Selling Old Stadium Memorabilia

Yankee Stadium
Photo by: Eric Beato
Yankee Stadium

There has been plenty of talk about per game costs of some of the best seats in the new Yankee Stadium, but how much will an actual seat from the old stadium cost?

Fans are expected to find out that price on Tuesday, when Steiner Sports, the memorabilia partner of the Yankees, announces the details.

While New York City still owns the stadium, sources confirmed to CNBC that the Yankees and Steiner agreed to pay the city $11.5 million to buy the seats, the foul poles, signage and some concrete.

The deal was first reported by the New York Daily News.

The Yankees have always owned the sod as well as game memorabilia such as jerseys, bats and lineup cards.

Last August, the Mets sold Shea Stadium seats for $869 a pair. The Yankees seats will likely go for more.

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