Lightning Round: Freeport McMoran, Lowe's and More

Hansen: A sizzling stock, wait for a 3-5% pullback before you pull the trigger. Cramer loves the fundamentals.

Riverbed: One of Cramer's tech favorites, there is good money to be made by buying this one.

Robert Half: Cramer says sell.

Ashland : It's gone too far, to fast. Cramer says sell it.

Freeport McMoran: With copper going down, wait for a 10% pullback before getting back into FCX.

McGraw Hill: Pass on the stock. Cramer doesn't think it's going anywhere.

Lowe's: Cramer expects a slight pullback of 2 points, but says buy after LOW goes a little low-er.

SLM Corp.: Although the company doesn't have much downside, it also doesn't have much upside, with the government peering over the fence. Cramer says sell.

Basic Energy: Cramer says don't buy, wait for Schlumberger to get down around $40, then pull the trigger.


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